Patrik Jansson

Professor of Computer Science


Computer Science and Engineering

Chalmers University of Technology

Domain-Specific Languages of Mathematics


Patrik Jansson, Cezar Ionescu, Jean-Philippe Bernardy
Texts in Computing, vol. 24, College Publications,, 2022 Jan, p. 268

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APA   Click to copy
Jansson, P., Ionescu, C., & Bernardy, J.-P. (2022). Domain-Specific Languages of Mathematics (Vol. 24, p. 268). College Publications.

Chicago/Turabian   Click to copy
Jansson, Patrik, Cezar Ionescu, and Jean-Philippe Bernardy. Domain-Specific Languages of Mathematics. Vol. 24. Texts in Computing. College Publications, 2022.

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Jansson, Patrik, et al. Domain-Specific Languages of Mathematics. Vol. 24, College Publications, 2022, p. 268.

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